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What is Symbiogenesis

A completely new form of NFT-based entertainment, where 10,000 collectible artworks meet real game utility.

NFT Collectible Artworks (Character NFT)

All 10,000 NFT characters have a unique design, with various races and professions, with a bust-up pictures that can be used as PFP.

They will be sold as each chapter (of a total of 6) is unveiled.

Game Utility

This game's genre is defined as "Narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment"

As you unlock the main story, as well as the individual stories of each character, unravel the mysteries of the world.


Progress through the main story and missions while also unlocking the stories held by the characters.

Find the items hidden throughout the Floating Continent.

Determine the ending of the story by participating in the World Mission, where the ultimate choice will be made

Allowlist Entry Campaign
About the Chapter 2 Character Auction
Treasure hunting campaign Request from causality researcher Cypher (Linked to Allowlist Entry Campaign)
Monopoly or Distribution
Playstyles Introduction
Character Races and main protagonists
Races Featured in Each Chapter
Occupations Featured in Chapter 1
Introduction to the Story Slots held by the characters in Chapter 1
Occupations Featured in Chapter 2
Introduction to the Story Slots held by the characters in Chapter 2
Memory Slot
System Requirements
Game Utility
How to Start the Game
Basic Controls
Member Rank and Rankings
Quest & Item
Original Characters and Character Replicas
Character Categories
Character Stories
Affiliation Rankings
NFT Holder benefits
About Campaign NFTs
About the final mission: World mission
Issuance of Japan's Qualified Invoices
Chapter 1 Character Mint & Game Launch
Staff and Development partner