Game Utility

What is the game utility of SYMBIOGENESIS

The game can be broadly divided into two play phases

  1. Progress through the main story and missions to clear all 6 chapters of the story
  2. Complete the quests to search for the items hidden on the floating continent

About missions

The missions are designed with a low difficulty level to allow players to enjoy the world and main story of SYMBIOGENESIS.

They are structured into chapters. When a chapter is cleared, it becomes possible for the player to move on to the next one.

About quests

The quests to find the hidden items are designed with a high difficulty level, encouraging all players to cooperate. Sharing information to clear the goal together is recommended.

Quests can be played independently of chapters, though new quests are added as new chapters are unlocked.

Note that the game utility system is designed as a utility for those who hold the NFT collectible art (Character NFTs), but the main story consisting of all 6 chapters and missions can be played to the end even without having any Character NFT.

How to play

Use the Slot Release Points given out once per day to try to unlock the story held by characters, in cooperation with all players.

Progress through the main story and the missions, clear the Great Missions (boss battles).

By using the available hints, search for the items hidden throughout the Floating Continent.

Participate in the last mission (World Mission) and decide on the outcome of the story.

The first condition to participate in the World Mission is to clear all missions and main stories of all 6 chapters.

Find the hidden items: Players fulfilling a given condition will be granted access to the World Mission.

Only 3 players will be able to participate in this World Mission, leaving other players as spectators of the outcome.

Story types

SYMBIOGENESIS' story is broadly divided into two types

  1. The main story, consisting of all 6 chapters, that can be read by anyone
  2. The individual stories held by each character

The main story of each chapter can be read by anyone to the end by clearing the missions.

Each story held by the individual charaters is different, and although initially locked, they are progressively unlocked through the cooperation of all players

Unlocked stories have two parts: one that can be read by anyone, and one that can only be read by the players holding either the Character NFT or the Replica NFT.

The part that can be read by anyone includes the memories of the history of this world, and hints needed to complete the missions.

The locked-out part that can be read only by those who have the Character NFT or Replica NFT includes hints for clearing quests, as well as the story of the current situation of the Floating Continent, depicted from alternative perspectives.

Story analysis

By unlocking the various stories, unravel the mysteries of this world.

History, current status, dragons, floating continent, Lambda, and New species...

We want players to release all the stories, to read them all, to reflect on them, and to decide the future of this floating continent.

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