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Memory Slot

Chapter 1

  Memories of Beta

  Memories of Adulescentia, a Mansion Gardener - The First Baby's Breath -

  Memories of Hacker Device

  Memories of Winery Fragrance

  Memories of Dr. Hepatica

  Memories of the Orphan, Son

  Liber the Storyteller's "Lore of the Floating Continent"

  Magazine Reporter's Weekly Memos

  Memoirs of Navigatio, Captain of Floating Continent Expeditionary Force - Fourth Squad

  Memories of Peacock the Soldier

  Memories of Collega, the Aide

  Memories of the Mercenary's Assault

Chapter 2

  Diary of Roca, Reporter for World Tree Energy Research

  Notepad of Roca, Reporter for World Tree Energy Research

  Obituary for Roca, Reporter for World Tree Energy Research

  Conglomerate Descendant & Caravan Kid Chico's Memories

  Memories of Beta

  Whistle-blowing Earnie: The Seedling that Enriched the Farming Village

  Memories of Claudere, a caretaker - A Hopeful Soaproot -

  Caravan Soldier Achieve's Journal, The Search for the Floating Continent

  Gourmand the Strange Eater's Story

  Bourbon Distiller Roberta's Memory: The Last Drop

  Military Researcher Felipe's Enhanced Soldier Experiment Log

  Military Soldier Mighty's Memories: "My Brother Brown"

  Hepatica's Research Notes on Panacea

  Pedro's Research Notes on an Unknown Virus

  Alice's Recollections on Floating Island Gravitic Research

  Recollection of Yearn, Inexperienced Hunter: Giant Lizard Hunting

  Living Witness Teller's Reminiscences: The Unspiked Rulers

  Hillman, Explorer of Terrestria: Report

  Works of Piedra the Biographer: "Alf - Mother of Hyper-Electromagnetic Cores"

  Memories of the Mercenary's Assault

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