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About the Chapter 2 Character Auction

Auction Schedule

AL Auction 5/28 from 11:00 a.m. ~ 1:00 p.m. (JST)
Public Auction 5/31 ~ 6/2
Character (NFT) withdrawal deadline after winning the bid ~ 6/6 11:59 a.m. (JST)

Steps to Prepare for the Auction

1. Prepare ETH (Ethereum) in your wallet.

2. Bridge (move) ETH (Ethereum) to Arbitrum One on Layer 2.

        *Bridging takes about 10 minutes.

         *Bridge will cost you gas fee.

3. Check the Terms of Service, select your residence, and place your bid

Auction Schedule Details

Character NFT mint is divided into three phases: Stakeholder Mint phrase, Allowlist phrase, and Public Mint phrase, slated to launch during Late-May

5/28 10:00~10:30 (JST) 

Stakeholder Mint.
Allocation 10
Category Facet Character and Mesh Character
Price 0 ETH~ (Characters to be put up for auction if there is more than 1 buyer)
Wallet 1 per wallet

5/28 11:00~13:00(JST)

Allowlist (Priority Mint)
Allocation 290
Category Facet Character and Mesh Character
Price 0 ETH~ (Characters to be put up for auction if there is more than 1 buyer)
Wallet 1 per wallet

5/31 11:30~   6/1 11:00~   6/2 11:45~

Public Mint (Open to all who participated in AL Entry Campaign)
Allocation 1200 *Mint will be divided into multiple blocks.
Category Facet Character, Mesh Character, Line Character, and Point Character
Price 0 ETH~ (Characters to be put up for auction if there is more than 1 buyer)
Wallet No cap

Successful Bid Rewards : 1

For those who won the bid at the "Public auction", the following rewards will be credited based on the number of Characters withdrawn.

1 successful bid : Pixel art NFT ”Cypher”

2 successful bids : A Potion

3 successful bids : Pixel art NFT ”Professor”

4 successful bids : 2 Potions

5 successful bids : Pixel art NFT ”Chroma”

6 successful bids : Starter Pack

7 successful bids : Pixel art NFT ”Akane”

Successful Bid Rewards : 2

If you win a Character NFT at the official site's auction, withdraw it to your wallet, and then receive a login bonus within one week of the start of Chapter 2 of the game while still holding the Character NFT in your wallet, you will be awarded 2 replica issue points.

*The "AL Auction" and "Public Auction" in Chapter 2 are eligible.
*For Mesh characters, the amount awarded will increase from 2 to 5 points.

About Bridge to Arbitrum One

In order to participate in the auction, you will need to Bridge (move) your ETH (Ethereum) to ETH on Arbitrum One (Layer 2).

*Because of the high gas cost of bidding in ETH (Ethereum) in Chapter 1, we will update the auction to Arbitrum One to reduce the gas cost of bidding.

Bridge 6 steps

① Go to the official Arbitrum (Arbitrum) Bridge website.


*Please use the services beyond this point in accordance with the terms of service, privacy policy, and other policies of the destination site.

② Connect Wallet

When you visit the site, the "Connect a Wallet" screen will appear.

*If you do not see it, press the "Connect Wallet" button in the upper right corner.

*Connect with the Wallet in which you hold ETH.

③ Select the network you want to bridge (move)

“From" should be "Ethereum" and "To" should be "Arbitrum One".

④ Enter the amount

Make sure that "Token" is set to "ETH" and enter the amount to be bridged.

Entering a value greater than your Wallet balance will result in an error.

⑤ Execute Bridge (move)

Please make sure that the information to be executed is correct, and then tap "Move funds to Arbitrum One".

⑥ Confirm in Wallet

When tapped, you will be asked to confirm the transaction in the connected Wallet.

Please confirm the displayed details before executing the transaction.

Confirmation of transaction (checking the status of movement)

When Wallet approval is complete, the site will refresh and the transaction status screen will appear.

*If you do not see it, tap "See transaction history" at the top of the screen to display the status screen.

*It takes about 10 minutes to move.

The status screen has two tabs.

Left: Pending trancations ← Transactions in progress

Right: Settled transactions ← Completed transactions

The transaction you just executed will first appear in "Pending trancations".

The transaction status and time remaining will be displayed in the "STATUS" column.

Please wait until the transaction is completed.

When completed, the information will move from "Pending transactions" to "Settled transactions".

If the STATUS on this screen shows "Success", the transaction is complete.

About Bidding

Each character has its own sales schedule.

If a bid is received 5 minutes before the end of the sale, the bidding time for that character will be extended for 5 minutes.

Auction Convenience Features

*Please note that it may take some time for various filters to be reflected.

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