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Issuance of Japan's Qualified Invoices

The invoices issued here will be formatted according to Japan's qualified invoices, and the language will be exclusively in Japanese.

Access Transaction History Page (External Link)


By accessing the transaction history page and connecting the wallet used to purchase the Character NFT, your transaction history will be displayed, and you can download the Japan's qualified invoice PDF.

Pressing the "Connect" button in the center of the screen will open the wallet connection window.

Once the wallet is connected, the transaction history will be displayed.

You can issue Japan's qualified invoice and download the PDF by pressing the "Invoice" button displayed on each transaction record.


  • After connecting the wallet, you can display the transaction history for a specific period by selecting a date.
  • The transaction price is calculated based on the rate on the day of the transaction.
  • The qualified invoice PDFs issued are intended for customers who purchased Character NFTs within Japan. The language of the invoice will be exclusively in Japanese.
  • Depending on your browser settings, the qualified invoice PDF may not automatically download. In such cases, please manually download the PDF displayed in the browser.

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