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Character Races and main protagonists

Species appearing


A species that has strong reproductive ability, and has developed well enough to create communities in various parts of the Floating Continent. They have the largest population among all species.

They try to avoid conflict, and desire to live peacefully on the Floating Continent.

Chapter 1 starts with the story of Lambda the Conservator and his community of the Land of Salvation


With their characteristic horns, Spikes are a race with strong and resistant bodies.

Although very agressive, they have maintained good relations with the people of the Land of Salvation

It is said that somewhere on the Floating Continent exists a country of Spikes


Merchants live by transporting and trading goods around the Floating Continent.

As they travel, they may have information about other regions.

Occasionally, they may also engage in fraudulent business


A species with high combat power that has part of their body mechanized. As they do not have a country of their own, the make a living as bodyguards or informants.

When hired by other races as bodyguards, they might protect them during their travels from thieves and monsters. Those who manage to serve a country may be highly valued as soldiers or knights.

However, most Guards live day-to-day as hired spies, and tend to squander their money on gambling and alcohol.


A researcher species dedicated to unearthing knowledge from all times and places to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

Due to their method of excavating information, they have earned themselves the name "Miners."

Most of them reside in Academy City, studying the history of the Floating Continent, the World Tree, and technologies found in the ruins.  

They also put these advanced skills into good use for other species upon request.  


Introduced in Chapter 3


Species whose appearance is identical to others but mysterious in nature have also been reported

Main Characters of Chapter 1

The Protagonist

The main story begins with the meeting of Chroma the Guard and Lambda

The Conservator

Also called the Conservator, Lambda is the current leader of the Land of Salvation in the Floating Continent.

The Son of the Conservator

A candidate to the Land of Salvation's next leader position. Son of the current Conservator Lambda.

The Knight Commander

Head of the Salvation army. Acquainted with Newt and Chroma since their childhood.

The Lab Head

Head of the Salvation Research Institute. Adonis researches the secrets of the World Tree together with Lambda.

The Master Blacksmith

Head Blacksmith. He brought many weapons and tools to the Land of Salvation. If it were not for him, the country certainly wouldn't have seen such growth.

The Expert Hunter

A genious at hunting. Mistetoe has shown talent since a very young age, and contributed to stabilize the food situation.

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