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Quest & Item


By tapping various places around the Floating Continent, it is possible to obtain items.

Obtaining the item will clear the associated quest.

There multiple ways in which players can obtain the items: tap the places on the map which seem suspicious, search using the various pieces of information and hints, or acquire the items on the secondary market.

The hints to find the items are included within the stories of the various characters.

However, to access these stories, holding either the NFT character or its NFT replica is required.

There are cases where finding items based on a single hint is possible, but most cases will require players to combine multiple hints to find the answer.

The key to clearing the different quests lies in collecting as much information as possible.

Players who cannot clear a quest may obtain the desired item through the secondary NFT market.

Alternatively, players who managed to obtain many items may sell the unnecessary ones on the NFT marketplace.

Item types

  • Items which may be obtained only once per account
  • Items which may be obtained multiple times from the same place
  • Items which may be distributed randomly among multiple other items
  • Unique items which may only be retrieved by a finite number of players

The items which may be obtained multiple times are limited to one per day. As such, if a player gets their hand on such one item, getting another is possible the following day.

The randomly distributed items also fall under this rule: to obtain the desired item, accomplish the action multiple times.

Buying and selling items on the NFT marketplace

From the game's map screen, clicking on "CONVERT" will convert the item to an NFT.

UI is under development. It is subject to change.

The items which were converted to NFTs may be sold on the NFT marketplace.

Items bought on the NFT marketplace can be brought back into the game in the same way, allowing the player to advance through the quests.

SYMBIOGENESIS operation team plans to cover the NFT conversion gas fee for a limited number of times.

If you attempt to convert while connected to a different wallet than the one registered with your game account, the conversion will not be completed successfully.

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