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Member Rank and Rankings

What is the Member Rank

By logging in to the game, players can collect Member Rank experience, and advance in rank

Main ways to obtain Member Rank experience

  • Clearing Quests
  • Clearing Missions
  • Slot Release
  • Logging in once per day while holding a Character NFT
  • Logging in once per day while holding a Campaign NFT

Daily Reward

You will receive a Daily Reward once per day.

Rewards increase according to the number of Original Character NFTs you own.

Feature Release

Use the  Convert feature to convert quest items to NFTs. However, the conditions must  be met at the time the Daily Reward is received for this to occur.

To release the feature, you must have "Original Character NFT" or "Discord Role for releasing the conversion function".

The role itself cannot be acquired and the feature cannot be released at the same time. The feature will be released at the next Daily Reward after the role is acquired.

Tips for raising Member Rank

Obtain NFT Member cards through the community campaigns

Acquire character NFTs

Log in to the game every day with your NFT and receive your Daily Reward

Progress through the game faster than the other players

Clear the quests faster than the other players

Use your Slot Release points as quickly as possible

The number of characters released each chapter is predefined, therefore the number of unlockable Slots is finite.

As such, using Slot Release points becomes a race to be the first.

About Ranking

The Season begins at the same time as the start of the Game Utility.

Each Season, the ranking of each player is calculated by their Member Rank.

Each Season will last approximately two months, and rewards will be distributed based on the ranking at that time.

As the next chapter starts, the Member Rank is reset, and as such the ranking is also reset.

About the ranking rewards

Players have the chance to acquire valuable story NFTs from the current chapter and/or participate in the priority mint where they can mint NFT Characters from the upcoming chapter at no cost.

▼Story NFT

   ・Rank 1st - 3rd 7NFTs

   ・Rank 4th -  20th 6NFTs

   ・Rank 21st -  50th 5NFTs

   ・Rank 51st -  100th 4NFTs

   ・Rank 101st -  400th 3NFTs

   ・Rank below 401st   2NFTs*

   *Member Rank 10 and  above

▼Top players from 1st to 200th in ranking will be selected to participate in Phase 2 Allow List Mint for Chapter 2.

▼Players from 201st to 400th in ranking to receive 50MB α Ver Relic (for ch.2 only).

Final ranking rewards

Season 6, which will commence simultaneously with Chapter 6, will mark the final season.

The ranking in Season 6 will be final ranking for SYMBIOGENESIS.

Final reward will not be an AL, but will be awarded in the form of Vertex Characters.

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