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Original Characters and Character Replicas

What are the Original Character NFTs

There are 10,000 characters available as PFP, divided into 5 categories.

Character NFT categories

These categories are unrelated to rarity, and refer instead to the types of stories that the character unlocks, the character's occupation or the character's unique appearance.

Below are the 5 existing categories

  • Facet Character(Available for purchase)
  • Mesh Character(Available for purchase)
  • Line Character(Available for purchase)
  • Point Character(Available for purchase)
  • Vertex Character(Not available for purchase)

By holding the NFT character

Owning a character NFT brings various game utilities

  1. You can read the story that this in-game character possesses
  2. By logging in once per day, you will gain member rank experience points and Slot Release points based on the number of character NFTs you own
  3. You are able to issue a character replica
  4. Clearing a chapter's Great Mission while owner a character NFT associated to the same chapter will reward you with this chapter's NFT Dragon art.

What are Replica Characters

Owning a character replica allows you to read the same story as owning the original character NFT

UI is under development. It is subject to change.

How to create a Replica Character

When you make a one-time purchase of a character through the official website, you will receive an additional five replicas of that character.

As your Member Rank increases, the limit to the number of Replica Characters you can create also increases

You may mint Replica Characters to all of the NFT characters you own, up to their limit

Original Character
Character Replica
Blockchain Ethereum Polygon
Access to the story held by the character Available Available
Points distributed once per day - Member Rank XP
- Slot Release Points
Replica mints Available Unavailable
Rewards when clearing a Great Mission Available Unavailable

Character List

You can use the filter function to narrow down the list of characters.

You can also check the number of character NFTs and replicas in your possession.

Character Details

You can check a Character's info and Story unlock status.You can also issue Replica NFTs.

Replica Issue

If you own an Original Character NFT, you can issue Replicas by spending Replica Issue Points.

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