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Occupations Featured in Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Affiliation Occupation Category Number of Characters
Winery Farm Supervisor Line Character 1
Wine Grower Mesh Character 20
Grape Shipper Facet Character 10
Vintner Line Character 1
Wine Artisan Mesh Character 20
Sales Clerk Facet Character 5
Tourist Board Hot Spring Village Proprietor Line Character 1
Hot Spring Village Guide Mesh Character 20
Hot Spring Village Janitor Facet Character 10
Transportation Company President Line Character 1
Driver Mesh Character 17
Attendant Facet Character 15
The Salvation Corps Lord Point Character 1
Security Captain Line Character 1
Army Commander Line Character 1
Knight Line Character 2
Swordsman Mesh Character 20
Shieldbearer Mesh Character 20
Archer Facet Character 15
Musketeer Facet Character 15
Black Market Boss Line Character 1
Seller Mesh Character 30
Bag Man Mesh Character 10
Lookout Facet Character 10
Merchant Union Executive Line Character 1
Resort Staff Mesh Character 10
Red-Light District Staff Facet Character 10
Red-Light District Red-Light District Manager Line Character 1
Dealer Mesh Character 20
Loan Shark Mesh Character 20
Cook Mesh Character 20
Bodyguard Facet Character 15
Tout Facet Character 10
Gamblers Gambler Knight Line Character 1
Gambler Swordsman Mesh Character 10
Gambler Shieldbearer Mesh Character 10
Gambler Archer Facet Character 10
Gambler Musketeer Facet Character 10
Vigilantes Captain Line Character 1
Security Guard Mesh Character 20
Patrolman Facet Character 20
The Newspaper Second Colony Branch Director Line Character 1
Foreign Correspondent Mesh Character 20
Reporter Facet Character 20
Exchange Student Elite Foreign Exchange Student Mesh Character 20
Foreign Exchange Researcher Mesh Character 20
The Continental Survey Force Continental Survey Force Senior Surveyor Mesh Character 15
Continental Survey Force Surveyor Facet Character 15
Spike Intelligence Intelligence Agency Director Line Character 1
Intelligence Agent Mesh Character 15
Scout Facet Character 15
Spike Diplomat Mesh Character 20
Diplomatic Secretary Facet Character 10
Guardsman Commander Line Character 1
Customs Guardsman Mesh Character 19
Bandits Bandit Captain Line Character 1
Bandit Fighter Mesh Character 10
Bandit Scout Facet Character 20
3rd Battalion of the Spikes Commander of the 3rd Battalion Line Character 1
Bowgun Squad Mesh Character 26
Lancers Mesh Character 26
Tourist Wealthy Tourist Mesh Character 40
Backpacker Facet Character 30
Peddlers Wealthy Peddler Line Character 1
Wealthy Merchant Mesh Character 20
Peddler. Facet Character 27
The Salvation Corps Guard for Land of Salvation Point Character 1
Miner Guards Enhanced Guard Captain Line Character 1
Enhanced Guard Mesh Character 23
Guard for the Day for Miners Mesh Character 15
Merchant Guards Legendary Guard for Hire Line Character 1
Guard for the Day for Merchants Mesh Character 19
Spike Guards Guard for the Day for Spikes Mesh Character 20
World Tree Energy Faction World Tree Energy Dept. World Tree Energy Plant Manager Line Character 1
World Tree Energy Developer Mesh Character 35
World Tree Energy Manager Facet Character 10
World Tree Energy Faction World Tree Research Dept. World Tree Research Lab Director Line Character 1
World Tree Researcher Mesh Character 20
World Tree Surveyor Facet Character 5
World Tree Energy Faction Munitions Manufacturing Dept. Munitions Plant Manager Point Character 1
Engineer Mesh Character 35
Shipping Clerk Facet Character 5
World Tree Energy Faction Fine Arts Dept. Fine Arts Department Director Line Character 1
Painter Mesh Character 10
Musician Facet Character 8
World Tree Energy Faction Bourbon Distillation Dept. Vintner Line Character 1
Wine Artisan Mesh Character 10
Sorghum Harvester Facet Character 5
World Tree Energy Faction Heretical Research Dept. Heretical Research Director Line Character 1
Alchemical Researcher Mesh Character 20
Dark Magic Researcher Facet Character 5
Natural Energy Faction Natural Energy Dept. Generator Manager Line Character 1
Natural Energy Researcher Mesh Character 25
Sourcing Staffer Facet Character 5
Natural Energy Faction Hermitage Research Dept. Master Line Character 1
Ancient Civilization Researcher Mesh Character 10
Geomancy Researcher Facet Character 5
Natural Energy Faction Gravitometric Research Dept. Gravitometric Research Director Line Character 1
Gravitometric Researcher Mesh Character 25
Gravitometric Surveyor Facet Character 10
Natural Energy Faction Ruins Survey Squad Ruins Survey Squad Commander Point Character 1
Ruins Survey Squad Subcommander Line Character 1
Ruins Researcher Mesh Character 20
Archaeological Researcher Facet Character 5
Office of General Affairs Head Office Professor Point Character 1
Teaching Assistant Point Character 1
Specialist Soldier Line Character 5
Commanding Officer Line Character 1
Soldier of Terrestria Mesh Character 20
Pilot Mesh Character 20
Doctor Mesh Character 10
Supply Staff Facet Character 20
Office of General Affairs Records Dept. Data Manager Line Character 1
Data Management Clerk Mesh Character 10
Cyber Patrol Facet Character 20
Director Line Character 1
Librarian Mesh Character 10
Office of General Affairs Energy Management Dept. Energy Herb Foreman Line Character 1
Energy Herb Farmer Mesh Character 20
Tank Center Manager Line Character 1
Tank Manager Mesh Character 18
Tank Service Tech Facet Character 10
Office of General Affairs Service Dept. Tavern Keeper Line Character 1
Cook Mesh Character 10
Waiter Facet Character 10
Muscle Kaiser Line Character 1
Spike Bodybuilder Mesh Character 10
Miner Bodybuilder Facet Character Character 10
Office of General Affairs Education Dept. Student Council President Line Character 1
Undergraduate student Mesh Character 54
Graduate student Facet Character 25
Principal Line Character 1
Instructor Mesh Character 13
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