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NFT Holder benefits

What are the NFT Holder benefits

① 5 Replica points

Players who purchase NFT characters from the offiical website and hold it in the wallet, will receive 5 NFT replica points during first login.

※ Points will not be awarded for purchases made from external NFT marketplaces.

To distribute (Share) or to keep (Monopolize) the NFT Replicas, that will be up to the players.But you may find yourself making a few allies along the way by sharing.

NFT Replicas will be minted on Polygon

② Chapter Boss, the "Dragon" NFT

Holding onto the Chapter's NFT Character(s) and completing its Great Mission rewards holders with the "Dragon" NFT.

Thus, it is recommended to progress through the story while retaining the character(s).

Players can also showcase their accomplishment as a slayer by using the "Dragon" NFT as their PFP.

※ Players will still be able to receive both the NFT rewards and the "Dragon" NFT after clearing the Great Mission. NFT Rewards will be minted on Polygon.

③ NFT character's full-body illustration

At the end of the season, only players who have Member Rank 13 or higher and own an NFT Character will be able to receive a valuable full-body illustration of that character.

Reaching Member Rank 13 requires frequent logins and the completion of numerous missions/quests. The dedication it takes is what makes the full-body NFT highly valuable

Full-body NFT illustration will be minted on Polygon

④ End-of-season member rank rewards

Players who own NFTCharacter(s) have the advantage in the rankings and increases the chance of obtaining additional reward.

The special story illustration NFTs that can be acquired solely in that chapter is yours to keep.

NFT Rewards will be minted on Polygon

What's more...

In Season 2, which begins simultaneously with Chapter 2, players who still possess Chapter 1 characters are eligible for bonus rewards in the daily login.Therefore, keeping Chapter 1 characters while playing Chapter 2 expands the chance to receive additional rewards.

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