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Occupations Featured in Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Affiliation Occupation Category Number of Characters
The Salvation Corps First Class Swordsman Mesh Character 9
First Class Musketeer Mesh Character 9
Second Class Swordsman Facet Character 18
Second Class Musketeer Facet Character 18
New Conservator Point Character 1
The Salvation Corps
・The Order of Salvation
Knight Commander Point Character 1
Knight Line Character 5
The Continental Survey Force Continental Survey Force Captain Line Character 1
Continental Survey Force Senior Surveyor Mesh Character 7
Continental Survey Force Surveyor Facet Character 30
Researcher Head of The Laboratory Point Character 1
Elite Researcher Mesh Character 10
General Researcher Facet Character 19
Public Servant Medical Director Line Character 1
Doctor Mesh Character 3
Nurse Facet Character 10
Faculty Member Facet Character 5
Watch Commander Line Character 1
Senior Patrol Member Mesh Character 2
General Patrol Member Facet Character 8
Senior Disaster Response Unit Member Mesh Character 3
Disaster Response Unit Member Facet Character 10
Mercenary Legendary Guard for Hire Line Character 1
Guard for Hire Mesh Character 14
Peddler Wealthy Peddler Line Character 1
Affluent Peddler Mesh Character 9
Peddler. Facet Character 40
Adventurer Treasure Collector Line Character 1
Treasure Hunter Mesh Character 5
Treasure Seeker Facet Character 16
Farmer Wealthy Farmer Mesh Character 6
Farmer Facet Character 33
Livestock Farmer Wealthy Livestock Farmer Mesh Character 5
Livestock Farmer Facet Character 30
Student Elite Student Mesh Character 4
Student Activist Mesh Character 3
Student Facet Character 34
Carpenter Master Carpenter Line Character 1
Journeyman Carpenter Mesh Character 4
Novice Carpenter Facet Character 16
Hunter Master Hunter Point Character 1
Skilled Hunter Mesh Character 3
Hunter Facet Character 22
Ordinary Merchant Ordinary Merchant Facet Character 20
The Smithy Master Blacksmith Point Character 1
Journeyman Blacksmith Mesh Character 3
Blacksmith Facet Character 16
Tavern Tavern Keeper Line Character 1
Band Mesh Character 3
Cook Facet Character 6
Waiter Facet Character 4
News Agency Land of Salvation Editor in Chief                  Line Character 1
Foreign Correspondent Mesh Character 2
Reporter Facet Character 7
Dojo Assistant Sensei Mesh Character 3
Disciple Facet Character 12
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