Treasure Hunting Campaign Part.3.0

Calling all Treasure Hunters!

Hello, fellow Treasure Hunters! 

It's Talent from the Merchant Union.

So, the Seeker Society has just received a new “Relic” recovery request from the Merchant Union, and as a member of the Society, we’d love to have your help on this mission.

Apparently, according to the Society, there are quite a few pieces scattered around the Land of Salvation this time round, and we want to make sure we get them all.

But here’s the thing: some non-member treasure hunters are already on it. We gotta act fast before they get everything! So, to encourage our members, we'll be rewarding you with membership points for every Relic you recover

Before you head out, make sure to check out the Hunter Request Board on Discord for more information. It’s super important. 

Oh, and there are two routes you can take: the ‘Monopoly Route’ where you can go solo, or the ‘Distribution Route’ where you can team up with other hunters. The choice is yours!

Either way, we’re confident that all members of the Seeker Society will find this mission a breeze. Good luck, and happy hunting!


2023/9/28 9:00 ~ 2023/10/26 8:59 (GMT)


There are several types of “Relic” (NFT), 40,000 of each will be issued.

*Gas fees will not be incurred during this campaign

The values listed for each of the various “Relic” will be scored in the Allow List Entry Campaign for the first chapter to be held at a later date.

*Minting multiple NFTs does not result in cumulative points(Non-stackable)

Getting ready to participate

1. Discord account (with Two-Factor Authentication

2. MetaMask account 

3. Google Chrome (MetaMask will be available as a browser extension)


・Each wallet address is limited to one campaign entry.

・The campaign will conclude upon issuance of the designated number of items. Additional items might be introduced later.

・There are multiple types of “Relic” this time.

・Obtaining NFTs on multiple accounts and consolidating them into a single wallet may be deemed as fraudulent activity.

Starting Treasure Hunt

Click or tap “TREASURE HUNT” on the official site for the campaign page.

STEP1 Proceed to “Request Board” for instructions

For those who have already joined our Discord server, please visit the [#Treasure-Hunt-3.0] channel for more information.

STEP2 Let the “Relic” search begins!

*Please note that your entry to the hunting site will only be validated after obtaining hints from the Request Board (Discord).

To proceed, Discord Two-Factor Authentication is required.

Next, connect your wallet.

You must agree to the Privacy Notice before connecting wallets.

As of August 22, 2023, we have identified some issues with wallet integration. There might be difficulties when trying to link wallets using QR code scanning with MetaMask Mobile, especially when connecting from a PC.

If you are connecting from a PC, we kindly suggest utilizing the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome to establish the connection.

*MetaMask Extension for Google Chrome

Once the linkage is completed, you can play in the Treasure Hunt.

Playing Treasure Hunt

[Basic Controls]

Movement in all directions

To move the Floating Continent in all directions on PC, click and drag with the mouse.

Use the swipe gesture to adjust the directions for mobile.

Zoom In/Out

For PC, scroll the mouse to zoom in/out the Floating Continent.

For mobile, pinch in/out on the screen to adjust zoom level.

[Exploring the map]

The “search mode” will activate when the map is zoomed to a specific point. Click or tap to explore.

The number of clicks/taps is limited and will refresh once per hour.

*If you are not in “search mode”, you will not be able to hunt for the treasure.

[Claiming the treasures (NFTs)]

After you have successfully located the treasure, you will be greeted with the “You’ve found Treasure” screen.

*Please note that this does not mean that you have acquired the NFT at this point.

Tap to execute the transaction.

Please go to the add-on or external application to complete the transaction.

*For MetaMask users, the interface resembles the image below.

*In some external applications, you may need to switch manually.

Kindly follow the on-screen instructions on how to claim the NFTs.

[Verifying receipt]

Acquired NFTs will be sent to your registered wallet address after some time. Make sure to check to your wallet to see that you have received your NFTs. 

Acquired NFTs can also be viewed in the collection list.

Service Philosophy

・Our aim is to ensure a wide distribution of NFTs, allowing numerous individuals to engage in NFT ownership.

・Through this campaign, we intend to provide a chance for individuals to establish their own crypto wallets and cultivate an interest in Web3.0 and SYMBIOGENESIS.

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Treasure Hunting Campaign Part.3.0
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