Treasure Hunting Campaign

Find the hidden treasure (NFT) on the Floating continent. Hints will be available on the official Discord.


3/17 12:00 〜 4/4 23:59 (JST)

How to play

 ・Explore the map to get NFTs!

 ・The map can be zoomed in and out, and moved up and down, left and right.

 ・Zoom in until the "TAP" icon appears.

 ・When the "TAP" icon appears, you can explore the map.

 ・When you find a NFT (Member card), the "Discovery Screen" will appear.

 ・Hints will be announced on Discord.

*Discord : https://discord.gg/wXGwuTGBPp


Member Card NFT (Green)

Even if you have more than one Member Card NFT (Green), they will be treated as one card in the game.


・One campaign entry per wallet address.

・The campaign will end when the specified number of cards have been issued. However, more may be added at a later date.

How to receive

The map on the official site can be zoomed in and out, and moved up and down, left and right.

When the map is zoomed in to a specific size, a "TAP" icon will appear, allowing you to explore.

If you successfully find the NFT, the "Discovery Screen" will appear.

*At this time, the NFT has not been acquired.

Tap "CONNECT WALLET" to connect your wallet.

*If you are already connected, some steps will be skipped.

The Web3Auth "Sign In" screen will appear.

There are multiple ways to connect the Wallet.

・Connect external wallet (Recommended)

If you have a Wallet, tap "Connect with Wallet" at the bottom.

Icons of the wallets that can be linked are displayed.

Tap the icon of the wallet you wish to link and launch the add-on or external application.

・Web3Auth account creation (and login)

If you do not have a wallet, you can create one using Discord or Gmail. However, our recommendation is an external wallet such as MetaMask.

*MetaMask : https://metamask.io/

*A connection confirmation will be displayed when the MetaMask application is launched. Please tap "Connect" after confirming the contents. Once completed, you will be returned to the browser, and the completion screen will appear.

*Connection may take some time.

When the connection is complete, the "Discovery Screen" display switches.

*If a wallet connection is already in place, you will see this screen directly when you discover it.

To receive the NFT, you must agree to the Privacy Policy. Please select "Yes" if you agree to the Privacy Policy.

*If you disagree, you will not be able to receive the NFT.

If you agree, "Add to Wallet" will be available for tapping. Please tap it.

Tap to execute the transaction.

Please remain on standby if you have created or logged in to your Web3Auth account.

For those connected with an external wallet, please go to the add-on or external application to complete the transaction.

In the case of MetaMask, it looks like the image below.

*In some external applications, you may need to switch manually.

If the transaction is successful, the "Acquisition Screen" will appear.

Please wait, as it takes time to mint the NFT.

The following is how to check the acquisition of NFTs.

A shortened address will appear at the top if the wallet is already connected.

Tap here to open a tab and find "Check NFTs".

Tapping "Check NFTs" will bring up DappRadar's portfolio page.

The NFTs you hold will be displayed, so please check here to see if you have acquired any.

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