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Playstyles Introduction

While there are various ways players can approach the game to fit their playstyle, here are some examples to get started.

① "The Adventurer" style

Monopoly 10%     Sharing 90%

The journey is the reward.
"The Adventurer" players are the ones who enjoy exploring the narratives, hunting for items, and immersing themselves in the story while having a good time with the community.

Players can complete all 6 chapters of the main story even without owning the NFT characters

Players can also enjoy some of the character-specific stories and item hunts for free.

By teaming up with people who have information on hints and tips for finding items, players can discover a variety of items.

② "The Finisher" style

Monopoly 50%     Sharing 50%

If you're playing, you have to finish the game.
"The Finisher" refers to players who are dedicated to completing every mission and quest in pursuit of the ultimate World Mission.

Hint from items come in important in order to clear the quests.

Players can collaborate with people who hints to clear specific conditions and aim for the World Mission.

Collecting NFT characters and replicas would be advantageous in gathering information.

Collaboration with various communities is also recommended.

The World Mission -a singular objective- may be a new type of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

③ "The Conqueror" style

Monopoly 80%  Sharing 20%

There's no greater feeling than the view on the summit.
"The Conqueror" is someone who strives for high rankings by mastering the game and collecting various NFT artworks along the way.

High ranking players will be rewarded with an allowlist (discount purchase right) for the next chapter, as well as other NFT artworks.

Collectors also would not want to miss the exclusive artworks available only here.

There are undoubtedly numerous other ways to enjoy the game besides those already mentioned, and we welcome players of all play styles.

We hope you have a great time exploring the world of SYMBIOGENESIS!

Players can either participate in or observe the final World Mission, during which the final three participants will be selected.

The selection process will be closely watched by players from around the world.

It will be exciting to see what kind of future this mission will bring.

Do you play the  game of monopolizing, or the game of sharing?

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