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Allowlist Entry Campaign

Seize the Chance, Grab a free character

Allowlist Entry Campaign, Starts!

Hello there, it's Talent from the Merchant Union again!

Hope you remember me by now, since we've been seeing each other a lot lately.

Alright, let's get right to it. 

Remember the days when we had you fellow Treasure Hunters to help recover Relics and in return, reward you with membership points for every Relic you recover? This time we're hosting a new campaign with various activities on our official Discord server and awarding additional Treasure Hunter membership points for participation.

There will be a ranking system that will be based on the total points earned, and top-ranking participants will stand a chance to earn a character for free!

◆ What is the Allow List Entry Campaign?

This is the campaign to mint Characters from SYMBIOGENESIS.

As getting onto the Allow List is the only way to mint NFT Characters, players must take part in this campaign in order to participate in minting the collections from Chapter 1. 

Top-ranking players will stand a chance to mint a character for free.

Also, as a participation prize, participants will also receive Relics that can be redeemed for points for Chapter 2’s Allow List. So, don't miss out on the opportunity!


Nov 7, 2023 3:00 ~ Nov 21, 2023 8:59 (GMT)

◆ Rules

① Member points will be awarded according to the number and types of Relics collected  NFT during  Treasure Hunt and Social Media campaigns.

 *Please note that multiple copies of the same relic will count as one.

② Participate in activities held on Discord.

・The Prologue Quiz: 15 questions in total

・The Lucky Bloom: 10 questions in total

・The Majority-Minority Game: 2 questions each

 *There will be practice questions for each side 

・The Hella Difficult Quiz 

 *Membership points will be awarded based on participation and responses to the activities

③ Ranking System

Participants will be ranked based on the total number of points awarded. 

If participants are tied on points, the one who is awarded first will be ranked higher.

◆ Rewards for Top-Ranking Participants

Only those ranked top will be eligible to participate in Phase 2 of the NFT Character Mint.

In Phase 2, there is also a high chance to mint a character for free.

Phase 2 eligibility

① Top 50 participants  

② 40 participants selected from 51st to 300th ranking

 A total of 90 people from ① and ② will made up for Phase 2

 For those who are not selected from the ② ranking pool, a 200MB Relic will be awarded and can be redeemed for points in Chapter 2's Allow List Entry.

◆ Participation Prize for the Allow List Entry Campaign

・Prize: 1 x 100MB Relic for Chapter 2's Allowlist Entry

・Eligibility: For those ranked 301st or below and have accumulated more than 1100 membership points

・Prize: 1 x 10MB Relic for Chapter 2's Allowlist Entry

・Eligibility: For those ranked 301st or below and have accumulated less than 1100 membership points

◆ NFT Character Mint eligibility

・Phase 2: 90 top-ranking participants

・Phase 3: All participants who took part in the Allow List Entry Campaign

 *Participants who are eligible for Phase 2 will also be eligible to take part in Phase 3

For more information about NFT Character Mint please visit.

◆ Getting Started

Click or tap “ALLOW LIST ENTRY” on the official site to proceed to the  campaign page.

To participate in the campaign, the following 2 accounts must be linked. 

1. Discord account

2. Wallet

Please confirm the information on the dedicated page and authenticate your Discord.

*To proceed, Discord Two-Factor Authentication is required

Next, connect your wallet.

You must agree to the Privacy Notice before connecting to your wallet.

As of November 7, we have confirmed and received reports of the integration issues with the MetaMask Wallet.

To establish a connection, we recommend utilizing the *MetaMask Extension for Google Chrome when accessing the site via a PC.

Alternatively, when accessing the site via a smartphone, we recommend using the browser within the MetaMask application.

Once the connection is established, your Wallet information will be registered, and you will be able to log in to the site from Google Chrome on your smartphone.

Upon completion of the connection, the ranking page will appear, indicating successful participation.

◆ Joining the Activities

There are several ways to earn Treasure Hunter membership points.

1. Holding NFT Relics

You can also earn Relics by participating in the ongoing Treasure Hunting Campaign 3.0.

For more information about the Treasure Hunt Campaign 3.0, please proceed here.


For more information about the Relics available, please click here to see the Campaign NFT details.

2. Taking part in the campaign

You can earn points by participating in activities for the Allowlist Entry Campaign, which will be announced on the official Discord.

Points earned and rankings will be updated approximately every hour, allowing you to check your progress.

When the campaign ends, the system will enter the tallying phase.

The total points earned throughout the campaign period will be finalized and participants will be ranked accordingly. The time of finalization will be announced separately.

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