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Allowlist Entry Campaign

Seize the chance to get a character NFT for free!

Allowlist Entry Campaign has started!

In case you missed my last introduction,

My name is Cypher, a researcher from the Miners.

I'm here again to delve into the concept of "destiny value".

Whether you encounter your destiny hinges on the cause and effect of your actions.

…Everything is guided by the Law of Causality...

◆ About Allowlist Entry Campaign

This campaign is for participants to acquire the Allowlist for the auction sale of Chapter 2 character NFTs, which is scheduled for Late-May. 

Acquiring the Allowlist grants participants access to a special auction, offering a chance to mint character NFTs for free.


2024/5/7 12:00 ~ 2024/5/14 11:59 (JST)

◆ Rules

① Collect the Relic NFTs through the Treasure Hunting Campaign or Discord events.

Relic points will be awarded according to the Relics collected.

※As the NFTs cannot be stacked, multiple of the same relic will be considered as one.

② Participate in events on Discord server

・Try your luck with the 5 rounds of the "Lucky Bloom"

・Answer 2 questions from “Majority vote”

*Test questions will be available

③ Ranking

Participants will be ranked according to the points collected.

For scores that are tied, the participants who received the points first will be ranked higher.

◆ Getting Started

・Entry & Rank check

① Log into the Discord server.

② Link your wallet.

・Participating in the activities

① Join the channel that hosts the activities within the official Discord server

② Enter the Treasure Hunting Campaign and collect Relic NFTs

◆ Rewards for Top Ranking

Only top ranking players are eligible to participate in the special auction for the sale of character NFTs.
The special auction offers a chance to win free character NFTs.

① Top 80 in the ranking will acquire the Allowlist. This gives the right to for participants to join in the special auction. Only those who are at the top of the rankings will be able to participate in the special auction of the Character NFT sale. In the special auction, there is a chance to mint a Character NFT for free.

②For those ranked 81st and below with 500 or more relic points, will receive 50MB Relic NFT for Chapter 3.

If participants who already hold an Allowlist spot in season 1 rank within the top 80 this round, they will receive a 100MB Relic NFT for Chapter 3 instead. Those ranked 81st and below will be promoted to receive the Allowlist spot. Promotions will be announced separately on the official Discord server.

For those who are unable to make it to the top of the rankings, there are still chances in Chapters 3 to 6!

◆ How to play from registration

Click or tap “ALLOW LIST ENTRY” on the official site to proceed to the  campaign page.

To participate in the campaign, the following 2 accounts must be linked. 

1. Discord account

2. Wallet

Please confirm the information on the dedicated page and authenticate your Discord.

*To proceed, Discord Two-Factor Authentication is required

Next, connect your wallet.

You must agree to the Privacy Notice before connecting to your wallet.

Upon completion of the connection, the ranking page will appear, indicating successful participation.

◆ Joining the Activities

There are several ways to earn Treasure Hunter membership points.

1. Holding NFT Relics

You can also earn Relics by participating in the ongoing Treasure Hunting Campaign.

For more information about the Treasure Hunt Campaign, please proceed here.


For more information about the Relics available, please click here to see the Campaign NFT details.

2. Taking part in the campaign

You can earn points by participating in activities for the Allowlist Entry Campaign, which will be announced on the official Discord.

Points earned and rankings will be updated approximately every hour, allowing you to check your progress.

When the campaign ends, the system will enter the tallying phase.

The total points earned throughout the campaign period will be finalized and participants will be ranked accordingly. The time of finalization will be announced separately.

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